• An assessment of the European regulation on battery recycling for electric vehicles | 2022 | with Etienne Lorang | Energy Policy | link to published article or link to working paper

  • Network tariff design with prosumers and electromobility: who wins, who loses? | 2019 | with Yannick Perez | Energy Economics | link to published article or link to working paper

  • Interactions between electric mobility and photovoltaic generation: A review | 2018 | with Yannick Perez | Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 94, 510-522 | link to published article or link to working paper

  • Americium mono recycling in PWR: A step towards transmutation | 2017 | with A-A Zakari-Issoufou, Xavier Doligez, Alice Somaini, Sylvain David, Sandra Bouneau, Fanny Courtin, Baptiste Leniau, Nicolas Thiollière, Baptiste Mouginot, Adrien Bidaud, Nicolas Capellan, Olivier Meplan, Alexis Nuttin, Robert Sogbadji | Annals of Nuclear Energy 102, 220-230 | link to published article

  • Lack of critical slowing down suggests that financial meltdowns are not critical transitions, yet rising variability could signal systemic risk | 2016 | with Vishwesha Guttal, Srinivas Raghavendra, Nikunj Goel | PloS one, 11(1), e0144198. | link to published article

Working Papers

  • Coordination of sectoral climate policies and life cycle emissions | with Guy Meunier (INRAE) | link to working paper

  • Stranded to be? Diesel ban and used car markets | with Edouard Civel (Ecole Polytechnique) | draft available

Work in Progress

  • Pass-through of environmental policies in second-hand markets

  • When do consumers want to opt in to real-time pricing for electricity? | with Tim Schittekatte (MIT) and Olivier Massol (IFPEN)

  • Refining and the oil curse | with Olivier Massol (IFPEN) and Arthur Thomas (ENSAE)

  • Decentralized policies for technologies with indirect network effects | with Guy Meunier (INRAE) and Jean-Pierre Ponssard (Ecole Polytechnique)